COVID-19 and Zen meditation

2335 covid19Live the Transformation

(...) By sustained and vigilant effort,
Discipline, self-control,
The wise man builds himself an island,
That no flood can submerge. (...)

(...) Even if he seldom recites the scriptures,
The one who lives in accordance with the Dhamma,
Having rejected desire, hatred and ignorance,
Acquired true knowledge,
Freed his mind, detached from all present and future ties,
Will receive the benefits of the virtuous life (...)



Attention leads to awakening

Practice regularly - at work, at home, when you travel - the full presence at what is.

Be present in each of your acts and establish yourself in the attention to the body and to the breathing: this is the door to harmony and creative fluidity.

To be gentle, relaxed and attentive to what is and how you are, is True presence.

Receive the teaching of each situation

Whatever the circumstance, it is always an opportunity to develop attention and presence to our thoughts, words and behaviour. Everything is an opportunity for awakening and liberation.

Don't let yourself be sullied by common thoughts and negative emotions. If this happens, stop, refocus on yourself and breathe, accepting what is, and let go of what is useless.

Accept your defeats and move on...

Being one with everything is true freedom

Practice discernment and create joyful peace at every opportunity. Take care of others as you take care of yourself and move forward with confidence and generosity.

Do not miss any opportunity to share and radiate your benevolence and compassion. A thought, a word, a gesture, a look can change a life.

Be creative, open and flexible. Don't refuse difficulties when they arise, and do not forget to feel gratitude for what you are experiencing

Let loneliness be your friend

Enjoy your existence deeply, overcome the feeling of deprivation and you'll know you are all you need.

Be without expectations and become the YES of life. Calm your heart, and find peace and love in who you are.

Transform, heal, nourish and love. In being, you and the other are one and different.

Do not forget that your greatest treasure is a pure and serene heart. Do not be careless in your practice.

Moving forward, stagnating or moving backwards is a daily life matter.

Good practice,

P-O Kyosei Reynaud – Dojo zen Narbonne on 14/03/2020


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