Zen & Art Exhibition 2014

Giselle Couvreur

NL14 Expo Godinne 2014 6

We cannot admire at the same time the moon, the snow and the flowers
Japanese proverb

However this is what we did at the Zen and Art Exhibition during the Godinne Summer Camp, and this thanks to the artists of the sangha who gave us this beautiful gift.

For its second edition the artists allowed us to admire sculptures, paintings, carpentry, cartoons, photography, graphic art, calligraphy, full of finesse, elegance and gentleness.

A pleasure for our eyes, fingers and mind.

NL14 Expo Godinne 2014 3

A big thank you to the Artists !

Cornelia Zink, pottery
Geneviève Gauckler, graphics designer
Jackie Butaye, painter
Christiaan Degrande, painter
Christian Gaudin, creator / cartoon illustrator
Eric Tchéou, photographer
Julien Stryjak, lute-maker



NL14 Expo Godinne 2014 4NL14 Expo Godinne 2014 5

NL14 Expo Godinne 2014 2

NL14 Expo Godinne 2014 7

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