In memoriam

2650 mia

The Way of Zen makes us familiar with the universal rule of impermanence and helps us in the difficult moments of confrontation with this reality. But this does not prevent us from sometimes being sad.

We have the great sadness to inform you of the death of

Mia Myõge Jiki Casteleyn.

Mia has been our companion on the Way for a long time, and many of us have known her. In 1986, she was ordained Bodhisattva by Roland and then ordained nun two years later. For many years, Mia has been in charge of the Antwerp and Lier dojos in Belgium. Faithful participant to the sesshins and camps of La Gendronnière, Grube Louise and Maredsous, then of Godinne, Mia tried to be there even in her last years when her health failed her, sometimes for one or two days, to share the practice with the sangha.

Mia was a passionate artist. Under the name of "Cast", she was well known for her drawings of sensitive, sober, yet so expressive animals. In Zen, as in her art, she tried to go to the essential.

Feeling that her end was near, she chose to receive palliative care and medicines. She has been supported till the end by her family. She died peacefully the night of the 1st February.

We will always remember a woman and a friend full of energy, joy and compassion.

I shin den shin, Mia …



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