Inauguration of Shinjiji

Text of Emanuela Dōsan Losi

NM27 Shinjiji larrivée

On March the 30th 2019, Master Roland Yūnō Rech led a Zazen day on the occasion of the inauguration of Shinjiji in Moglia, Italy.

Many Italian practitioners took part in this day: some of them even did zazen in the entrance!

The zazen day began at 11 a.m. by zazen and the Inauguration ceremony. It has been followed by a traditional meal in the bowls in the dojo, a teisho in the afternoon on «The happiness engendered by the practice» and finally a zazen.

The atmosphere was cheerful and relaxed … Even the weather was ideal, because the sunny and mild day allowed us to enjoy the final buffet and the coffee in the garden.

NM27 Shinjiji accueilNM27 Shinjiji cerin RR altareNM27 Shinjiji zz e kyosakuNM27 Shinjiji zz nel

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