CREATING EMPTINESS                  Eric Chine02

To go deeper and to make space are an offering to the life, to all human beings.
To dig, dig at the same place, until digging the well
To go deeper until reaching the source of the running, invigorating water
To eliminate the non-essentials.
To dig, dig until reaching the bottom, the bottom of the soul.
Pure fall in the abysses of emptiness.
And once reached, under the hard basalt rock,
The immanent, feeling the clear water
Of midnight,
Which feeds the life when body and mind are dropped.
And thanks to this depth to empty oneself of oneself:
One with the Whole … there are no imprints anymore, no traces anymore … of anything.
No importance.
And the birds do not bring small aquatic animals to quench your thirst anymore.
The squirrels do not bring fruits, nor the ants grains.
You disappeared.
Food for all the starving beings,
To feed the earth,
Without the love of which solitude is sadness.
And remain the laughter, the rose, the shared enjoyment.
And remain this frown together,
And to have fun by jumping, kimi, dear friend,
By deepening in the delight the mystery.
Certified by all beings: Meaning Nothing.

INTIMACY  Eric Chine01

Creating the way
in one silent coincidence
we walk
to the limit of our inheritance.

It is twilight,
and the trees have no leaves anymore.

Slightly joyful
at every step
I smile
in this comings and goings
of illusions and awakenings.

Antonio Arana Soto


Tags: NL24

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