An exhibition paying tribute to Master Deshimaru

Expo3«"Buddhism, "Butsudo" in Japanese, means the Buddha’s way, or how to discover our real nature, our original nature. It also means that it is necessary to harmonize with the sky and the earth, to free completely our inner mind. Give up our egoism”.»Taisen Deshimaru

The Belgian Zen Association, A.Z.B, was eager to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Master Deshimaru's arrival in Europe by an exhibition dedicated to him.

A few days before the final set-up of the exhibition, my telephone rang and Michel Antoine, the caller, (photo) told me: "I am a disciple of Master Deshimaru and I have some interesting items for your exhibition. May I come to your place and bring them to you? "


Michel was in possession of a "Sutra Book" of Master Deshimaru, of the book "The Great Wisdom Sutra" signed by the Master himself, as well as of posters and photos which I was able to integrate into the exhibition.

This first exhibition  took place in Brussels during the month of June 2017. It was inaugurated by Master Konrad Kosan Maquestieau, Chairman of the A.Z.B, as well as Mr Carlo Luyckx, Chairman of the Belgian Buddhist Union (photo).

On July 16th, the exhibition was moved to Godinne and inaugurated by Master Roland Yuno Rech in the presence of his sangha, during the Summer Camp  organized by the ABZE.


On Thursday July the 20th, rest day of the Camp, Michel came with his best friend to

meet Roland and express to him all his admiration for his commitment to the practice and to the transmission of Master Deshimaru’s teaching.

We took our lunch together and Michel shared a precious moment with Roland … The smile which they had was a real gift.

The exhibition trace d the history of Master Deshimaru's passage on this earth and the subtle ways which he used to transmit this invaluable present that Zen is.

Numerous photos, calligraphies, drawings, press articles, as well as the reconstitution of a dojo offered to the visitors a guide and explanations about of The Master’s life, his mission and about what Zen is, in Belgium and in Europe (photo).

May we harmonize ourselves with the sky and the earth, and give up our egoism, to free our mind completely! Let us be, as Master Deshimaru and Roland, people who transmit the Butsudo.

Gisèle Kei Sen Couvreur.

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