February 2017 at the Gyobutsu Ji temple

This year, for the first time, the ABZE Board met at the Gyobutsu Ji Temple on the 4th and 5th Febuary, giving ourselves the chance and the time to exchange opinions on the life of our association. Usually the Board met at Godinne, after the General Assembly, between the end of lunch at 13h30 and the samu at 14h30, and in January, during the Pegomas sesshin, always in the same time slot.

On the 4th and 5th February the Board members were nearly all present.
We shared our views on the past, present and future of the association on this the 10th anniversary of its foundation :

• How each person views the ABZEGyobutsuji 8 Fevrier 2017
• Development of the Sangha
• The ABZE as part of European Zen
• Communication within the association
• Dharma transmission
• The specific nature of our zen practice
• The dojos
• The training for teachers
• Use of resources
• Means of diffusing information about zen and promoting the dojos
• Participation in the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of Master Deshimaru's arrival in Europe

These are just a few of the subjects we discussed.

Our Sangha is large and very rich : different sensitivities, nationalities, languages ; exchanges are becoming essential in order to harmonize and remain together for a long time in the Dharma.

After the Board meeting we continued with the week of practice at the Gyobutsu Ji Temple.

Arrival already on Sunday 5th for the zazen at 18h30 ; departure on Saturday 11th, after lunch.

Programme : zazen in the morning, at 12 and in the evening ; workshop on daily life in the afternoon ; meals in the dojo with oryoki.

First experience of living the life of a temple throughout the day, especially for the people who came from outside (about 30) Those from Nice joined the group when available, but mainly for the morning and evening zazens.
About 15 people stayed in the dojo, the others were lodged by Dojo members. The atmosphere was peaceful and joyful. Master Roland Yuno shared in all the moments of the life of the Dojo : meal preparation, washing up, as well as the workshop teachings. For his disciples, this was a priviliged moment of life and practice with their master.

During the breaks, we could take the opportunity to go for a walk in the noise of the town centre and go to see the sea.

Alternating periods of rain and sunshine accompanied us during these days of practice. Spring was already beginning.

Emmanuela Dosan Losi

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