Zen teaching and black humour

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A little bit nostalgic of the first Yuno Kusen, where I tried to insert some gags in the teaching of Roland, I suggested him to refine the formula and to find an editor who would publish his teaching with illustrations, to make it more accessible to the general public.

Roland's texts were therefore slightly adapted and - above all - every page has been illustrated by a drawing which tries (of course) to be funny, but whose main function was to reassure the putative reader about the non-boring character of this teaching of the non-fear.

“O Joy”, Roland agreed to mix his teaching with my humour! I contacted then many publishers and some of them showed an interest for the project.

But as none of them wished at the end to publish it, I took the decision to publish and broadcast the project myself, within the sangha and on the Web.

After all, instead of trying to reach the mythical “general public”, it will be for me easier (and also more pleasant) to make my Zen friends laugh, and it will maybe give them the good idea to by me a drink at the bar.

For the first publication, I chose to handle the subject of the accompaniment of the dying, to see if we can die of laughing following the Dharma.

Publication in April or May 2017, 112 pages in black and white, format 145 X 195, thus easily hidden in the kolomo sleeve, with a classy lay-out designed by Geneviève Gauckler, ideal for the after-zazen party or to go and visit the dying.

And if you like this one, there will be others to come!

Christian Gaudin

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